Training & Grooming

My first in training was a culture shock. The moment I stepped in the building, it's another world. That's where the standard came from, it's through the high quality training provided by the world best airline.

The first thing we learned was to constantly greet everything that is breathing and moving, yes, it can be your pet too :).

The introduction among my batch mates who were going to be with me for the next 3 months was nerve wrecking.

This training teach us to greet, respect, have good teamwork, good communication skills, product knowledge,

handling pressure, stress and be on time or earlier for anything. Not to mention, to

constantly groom and maintain our image. The image you see above was after I had grooming class and was required to cut my hair as part of the image. There are criteria's for the look depending on your features.

I never had short hair my entire life and this took me sometime to get used to because I felt I look boyish. I felt I couldn't pull the short look even up till today.

The grooming and beauty standard was really something I did not expect. From head to toe, we had to constantly maintain our health and weight. I remember losing a lot of weight while I was in training. The constant learning, grooming, presentations, there was so much to do and I was having trouble catching up. There were so many tests, exams, role plays and it was high intense pressure. I truly respect all the cabin crew who went through this training because I thought studying for my degree was hard until I enter this training.

Nice to e-meet you! :)