Training - 1st warning (FAIL)

As the days passed by quickly, I was learning to adapt in this fast paced environment.

Learning so much in a day, putting make up, painting my nails and spraying my hair have became a routine. However, I still struggled and struggled through tests and role plays.

In the end, I failed.

We had to role play the scenario was as if we're serving passengers and my batch mates were practicing outside the exam room in sequence. Deep inside I was beyond nervous, I stared at the door entrance, greeting others passing by before me and in a glimpse of an eye, it was my turn.

Behind those doors, I greeted my examiners and had to pretend I was in the cabin. There I was given a scenario of a drink request. While preparing the alcohol drinks, I had to mentioned the concoctions and steps to make the drinks. In the cart, I had to pick the right

bottles of alcohol and there I failed my first test. I couldn't tell the difference between Gin, Whiskey, Bourbon, Rum and etc.

I din't know much about cocktails, wines and liqueur and we had to know how to prepare some of their signature drinks which is highly requested in different parts of the country. You'll know what I mean in my next few posts.

Once I got out of the room, I knew I failed. I broke down and cried. I was disappointed that I din't know how to differentiate the alcohol bottles and drinks. I was very thankful that even though I failed, my batch mates were the most supportive batch mates I've ever met. I honestly din't feel close when I first started training.

What's next?

Nice to e-meet you! :)