Training- Back to Day 0

I couldn't accept failing and i've never felt like such a failure. I studied and passed my exams

in school, college and university. Failing through this training was unacceptable for me.

Many people assumed this job is a no brainer job, but once I entered through the training with the best airlines in the world, I never knew it would be this hard. You know when the say, fall seven times, get up eight? This was it.

The training standard is definitely one of the hardest and toughest in the world. I had to re-batch to Day 0, where I met my new batch mates. This time, I felt like i've lost a part of me, separated from my previous batch after 1.5 months of bonding. I had to restart just like the game snake and ladder.

Getting through the lessons was easier again and I could understand better once I was re-batch even though it was painful but I had to move on. Life moves on. I had to make sure I make it through even though I was at risk on my final warning before they decide that i'm not fit to be a cabin crew.

So I went through training with my new batch mates and this time was a lot of drama among batch mates. There were cliques, I could see we were all separated and not united as compared to my previous batch mates. I din't want to get myself involved in the drama, because life is already a drama. However, that was not possible, because we had to go through it together whether we like it or not for the next 3 months.

Nice to e-meet you! :)