Top 5 highlights in 2020

As we're coming to an end of 2020 in a couple of days, what are your highlights of the year?

I'll list some of mine below:

1. Left SQ just in time and got a new job

If you've read my previous posts, I wrote about my experience flying with the

best airlines in the world. It was my dream job, to fly and to travel around the world

and I'm thankful to have taken the courage to chase after my dream.

2. Learned project management and people's skills

Now, I have a different goal and my current job has groomed me to be a better person

professionally. We're always at a different stage in life and we have different goals each

time when we're exposed to different things. I always remember this saying that "remember

why you started". I knew I din't want to live comfortably and push myself to the limit, 4-5 years ago, I remember wanting to work in Singapore but back then, it feels impossible to

do so. Today, I'm still learning new things and surrounded by good mentors.

Goals in 2021: Pick up more skills and learn from mistakes

3. Learned to make art latte from YouTube

I'm a coffee lover and have always wanted to learn to use the coffee machine.

I started learning at my co-working office since they have the machine and learning to grind the beans to frothing the milk. It took me about 10-15 times before I made a very small heart and eventually it became bigger.

Fun fact: while my mum was pregnant with me, she told me she was always craving for

coffee and always drank kopitiam coffee downstairs at our old house.

Goals in 2021: Make a swan latte

4. Picked up yoga, tried cycling and swing class

I was never a sports person but this year I'm lucky enough to have a partner in crime to

exercise and try new things with me. Trying new things can be exciting and scary at the

same time. I remember dragging to go to this class but after trying it, I realised staying healthy and having fun actually helps. Especially with covid-19, health is #1 priority in life.

Goals in 2021: lose 5kg and tone up

5. Got proposed by my boyfriend (now Fiancee)

This was by far my biggest surprise of the year!

Wasn't expecting any surprise this year and this caught me off guard. I just found out

that he actually planned this for almost 1 month and he hid the ring in the toilet cabinet. That was probably the smartest choice because I will never open up when I clean the house.

Goals in 2021: Save enough money for our future home

I'm curious how year 2021 will be! What do you think?

Nice to e-meet you! :)