Strangest passenger

In my entire flying career, i've encountered the strangest passenger while I was flying to

Munich, Germany.

On a flight to Germany, 2 hours before landing, there was a passenger who spoke to me in

mandarin and me being a banana, not knowing to reply in proper mandarin, I tried to communicate clearly to his question. He asked if he could bring down the snacks to Germany and when I explained to him in mandarin, he knew I was bad at it and asked where I am from. From there onwards, he stopped me a couple of times while I was clearing the cabin, he asked me if I had plans in Germany while we had a two night stay there and I said no plans and I will most probably be joining my colleagues.

Then he stopped me for the third time, explaining that he will also be staying there for two nights and will be on my flight back to Singapore. It's very rare for me to have the same passenger who fly back on the same date and time as us, so I din't really take it seriously. He started chatting and asked if I would like to join him for a castle adventure which is 2 hours away from the city. I declined politely and he eventually wrote his email address and name on an air sickness bag with the help of some german passengers.

While I tried to brush it off, hoping he'll forget that he asked me upon landing and walked out the cabin, my colleague noticed he was still sitting in his seat while all passengers are taking their bags and disembarking the cabin. He was seated at the front cabin and was still there even when the last passenger disembarked.

I started to panic and told my colleagues that I'll be at the back of the cabin hiding, I started to get a little uncomfortable and scared as I felt he was going to come for me. Eventually, he

walked all the way from the front cabin to the back cabin and started looking for me and I had no choice but to face him. He started asking me to write my email address to contact him which I gave a fake number.

After disembarking, my entire crew knew there was a passenger who was coming after me. I was honestly afraid but I was glad that it's all over.

My two nights stay in Germany, my colleagues and I planned to visit some famous castles and while we reached at the castle, there was a waiting time to enter in. So we walked around taking pictures and while in the opposite direction, I realised a familiar face, it was that passenger. How coincidence?

I panic again and alerted my colleagues. I hid my face by covering with my hair and looked in another direction, so the entire trip, I was afraid he'll appear and asked me why I gave him a fake number.

At the end of the trip, it was back to reality and back to work. While I was welcoming passenger to enter the aisle, my colleague ran to me and shouted, Lynn! the same guy! is here! There, my heart dropped and I feared for my life. Luckily I was working in the opposite cabin but where can I run to in the sky?

When it comes to lull period, I was checking the washroom and he suddenly appeared. He started asking me where did I go for my trip in Germany and I had to white lie him. So eventually, he asked me if I was going to Taiwan and he gave me his business card to contact him. He gave me a written postcard too and I thought okay, probably I shouldn't overthink it. My complex leader mentioned, "Aiyah, nevermindlah, maybe he just wants to be friends".

Upon landing in Singapore, after disembarking, out of curiosity, I googled his name and found out his profile picture with his wife and kid. I felt so sick and in reality, there are people like that, but that was one of my strangest experience.

Nice to e-meet you! :)