Singapore vs Malaysia?

On my first month in Singapore, I could already distinct how living in Singapore was different compared to Malaysia. The life here is fast paced, hard work and expensive. To survive in

Singapore, you have to be on your toes and focus.

During my training days, i'm always amazed by my Singaporean friends on how they managed so many things in a day and not get tired easily and they scored 90% over in the exams. How can they be so perfect was the secret I wanted to know. They know how to juggle everything and not complain.

I'm lucky to be exposed in this environment in Singapore. Even though Malaysia is a neighbouring country, it seems that we have a pretty relaxing lifestyle. I was pampered

by living with my family ,driving my car to work which was only a 5 minutes drive and having all expenses paid (electricity, rental, wifi and water).

My first month paying rental was a pain in my pocket and I haven't included the other expenses. It's definitely expensive to live in Singapore with the conversion rate x3 but eventually, I have to stop calculating or else it's going to be miserable. So I have to accept and live with it.

With the current Covid -19 situation, I realised how much i've changed after living in Singapore for almost 2.5 years now. I commute to work for 1 hour from home where I have to transit and change from bus to MRT to different line and walk to work. I'm so used to walking

and accepting the life I have in Singapore, even if it's crowded in the bus or MRT. If I was still living in Malaysia, I would be complaining having traffic jam for 5 minutes and here I am taking public transport 2 hours to commute there and back.

Besides that, counting my expenses and having bills to pay, I had to control my expenses because I am on my own without relying on my parents to pay for rental, utilities and food. I could never do it in Malaysia because I would pretty much be pampered.

The life in Singapore is good for millennials to really grow as a person. Yes, it can be stressful but stress can be a good thing to push you further, of course not mentally stress. There's definitely more pressure and stress here but if they can do it, so can you. People here are pretty positive, they work hard and they're very advanced. I can't explain it in words, but it got me thinking out of the box and push myself to develop better skills.

When I got more exposure in Singapore, I slowly got out of the box by starting with the smallest goal, applying for my PR and within 4 months of applying and waiting, I received the best news while I was flying back from Brisbane. The toughest flight wasn't tough anymore and I felt I have achieved my goals!

Nice to e-meet you! :)