Saying goodbye and hello to my new life

The hardest part was always saying goodbye to your loved ones but you have to be positive

at looking in life's perspective.

Moving to Singapore wasn't an easy path. Even though I've lived and studied in U.K for a year, staying in Singapore definitely played a big part of my growth.

It was 2 weeks before I told my parents I was moving to Singapore, I sneaked out in the morning to take a bus to Singapore and the journey took approximately 4 hours.

Even though it was our neighbouring country, it was frightening to travel to a country which I haven't been for the past 12 years and back then it was a road trip with my family.

This time, alone, financially tight with the currency rate running RM1=SGD3.07. My one day trip plan was to look for an accommodation, since I was going to live there for the next few years. I booked 5 viewings through some random websites and made bookings with real estate agents, figured out the locations and took the public transport which I've never done in Malaysia.

The first impression I had when I first arrived in Singapore was that I am about to join the rat race and everyone was moving fast. Not to mention, the HDB rentals cost between $650 - $800 for a very small room without attached bathroom. Upon arriving on my last viewing, it was the best location but an okay accommodation. They have very strict policies of no cooking, no visitors and basically you are there for work purpose.

I never thought living in Singapore was tough and I broke down on my last viewing. I felt so alone and financially tight without anyone there. Being a cabin crew as a foreigner is definitely tough if you are going there alone without anybody.