Redeeming GRAB points, which is worth it? NEW: Google Pay!

Since GRAB has released it's Grab Card, I've been using it on LRT, paying my groceries, ordering Grab Food, taking Grab transport, using Grab Express and you name it!

Until today, I've accumulated up to 75K points and it's crazy how much I've spent since last year but thinking about the return, it's not so worth it because I can only get items worth $150 for 75K points.

However, I have to use it before 31st March and I've listed the options which I'm keen to redeem. Putting it on a spreadsheet has made it clearer to which I should redeem with my current points because redeeming Nintendo switch, I'll have to spend x 4 times the amount.

For every 500 points on (Food, Transport, Nintendo Switch, Apple Air pods and Bose Micro Bluetooth) are worth $1 each. It's pretty much the same for every item, if I haven't jotted it down on the spreadsheet, I would have been tricked thinking the points are higher for certain items. So, I found the Bose Micro Bluetooth to be more worth it as it's on offering lesser points and I can save 4,500 points which is worth more by $9.58 comparing to the rest.

In summary, it's more worth it to redeem the Bose Micro Bluetooth product than the rest.

If I'm not wrong, GRAB Pay is using 500 points redemption for $1 of value. I've also been using Google Pay and find it to be higher in return comparing to GRAB Pay.

Since Google Pay is still new, there's potential that it'll be the next GRAB Pay. It offers cash back instead of points! What's interesting is that they offer a scratch card and you can earn up to $10, the highest I've gotten was $1. My colleague sister has gotten $7 worth of cash back which is a lot! I've only used Google Pay for 1 week and the return is so much better! Imagine(GRAB $150.43/ GOOGLE $19.93) = 7.5 weeks for $150.43 (GOOGLE)

Google is still new but has a lot of potential to grow. You can also join me on Google Pay and you'll earn $3!

Can't wait to see what else is in store and if you know any better ones, do share it with me!:)


Nice to e-meet you! :)