I said Yes!

Never thought I'll get proposed this year and how did it happen? Here's the story.

We met back in 2018, exactly 2 years ago in a pub called Malthouse in EastCoast. First impression, I thought he looked like a comedian and I remember he had a tote bag with a big bear smile on it. We were supposed to meet at 8pm and I remember I was running late, coming from Johor Bahru. I was missing Malaysia, so I wanted a little piece of Malaysia just to feel better and took a stroll alone but lost track of time and rushed to meet Yuto. I dressed in black shorts and red top, we met on a casual date.

First impression he was reading a book in the dark while waiting for me and I felt really bad to make him wait but he wasn't upset (maybe) haha! He looked simple and we started off well, I was being myself and we shared a lot of things together and the rest is history!

As we went on many dates, I realised I knew more and more about him and we accepted each other's flaws. I immediately felt like I cared for him more and more until I fell in-love. We stayed together and like many couples, we go head to head with each other but talked things out, for example house chores. It's really not easy living with someone but Yuto made it easier for me because he accepted who I was and I've changed as a person to be more positive. He teach me lessons indirectly which I picked up.

I know most couples only live together once they're married but it's a gamble living with someone else as you will know them in and out as a person, their habits, food preference, cleanliness, basically living like a married couple. I took a chance and never regretted it. Yuto have changed me as a person and like everyone else, we're only human. We argue and make mistakes but we learn from it

He was always there for me when I needed him. As an air-stewardess then travelling the world. It was difficult and people say long distance relationships are hard but he never gave up on us. He was and is always there for me and for this I will forever cherish in my heart. Perhaps for us, as the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and that made our bond stronger. At the end of a bad/good flight, he was there for me when things get rough and I shed tears, He was there to celebrate with me in my victories . I appreciate his presence and the little things he has done.

As time flies, we were already 1 year in relationship and I remember I flew to Tokyo for work and took a 1 hour train to meet his mum. We only spoke through the phone "an imagine how we communicated like chicken and duck"but we completely get each other haha!

Few months later, we took a trip to Vietnam and to Tokyo where he lives for a summer holiday and met his entire family. It was the moment of truth if his family can accept me.

Was crazy nervous, first meet up. They picked us up at Haneda Airport

Welcome dinner with his family summer 2019.

Long story short, I felt naturally comfortable being with his family and I love his grandparents, they're super cute!

Some Omakase food pictures.

We also had delicious meal cooked by his mum and it's like eating in a fine dining restaurant!

My proficiency in the Japanese language was not even close to creating a full sentence...and promised to be better before our wedding next year (fingers crossed). We stayed at his home for almost 2 weeks and explored around Tokyo. I wanted to wear Yukata outfit and made Yuto wear it with me during summer, wrong decision haha! Sorry Yuto, love you!

Some pictures of us, fyi, their summer is hotter than Malaysia and Singapore. Will only do it once!

And more adventures to DisneySea and Ushiku Joen.

We also met many of his Uni Friends, Senpai and ex-colleagues and they were really nice people. I enjoyed my time there and hope Covid-19 pandemic gets better next year so we can travel back to Japan. Some of you may ask if we're getting married in Japan, Malaysia or Singapore? "We're honestly unsure with this situation."

Before I forget, let me share with you how he proposed to me. It was a simple yet meaningful occasion for me. We were staying in Fullerton as we supposed to fly to Tokyo to attend his sister's wedding but unfortunately, we can't so we celebrated in the room on video call. But the night before is where the magic happened. I honestly didn't expect him to propose to me. At least not in years to come haha

So the night before, Yuto booked a table at a restaurant called Jade in Fullerton. On the night itself, I was contemplating what to wear as it was a very atas restaurant, wore my custom made kebaya skirt (cloth from Indonesia and tailored made in K.L). Was trying to suck in my tummy, haha! Oopsie :') Anyhow, we had a 5 course dinner and by the end of our dinner course, Yuto said he had tummy ache and needed to go to the gents and I was okay, it's the usual routine.

It was the best chinese 5 course dinner I ever had especially the Abalone! and not to worry, our dessert is not a bird! It's a gelatine artwork ha ha! I was also surprised initially.

After Yuto went to toilet, I was using my phone as usual texting my dear colleague and it was pretty blurry in my eyes that I saw Yuto walking in with a bouquet of flowers. I knew our 2nd anniversary will be in a few days and I thought this was probably for our celebration! But there was someone following him recording and I honestly wasn't concentrating, the environment changed completely as the restaurant went silent and I noticed some tables were recording us and Yuto hasn't sat down on his chair. I felt omg..is this a proposal? and he got down his knee and asked me to Marry him and I said Yes!!

In a twinkling of an eye, we are engaged! I was so overwhelmed and really surprise because I din't suspect anything at all. Apparently he had the ring in his pocked but I was busy worrying how my tummy looked in the skirt haha! Omg

We took a night stroll in the city and I asked him, "when did you buy the ring?" I din't even notice! It was a month ago and he was already preparing for this day. I'm so happy that this day has come and life is full of surprises. "You never know you are going to meet that will change your life forever. "

We're already planning for our future together and thank you to each and everyone of you who have wished us, we wish you happiness ahead too! I hope you'll find your other half just like I did and if you haven't the time will come. Xx

You'll find the sun in your life!



Nice to e-meet you! :)