"Of course, it’s tough, and that’s why not many people can be number one."- Patrick Mouratoglou

I've been watching a series on Netflix called "The Playbook" and recently had a conversation about goals and vision. The Playbook features the best players with a superstar coach to train them and these coach have pushed the players to be number 1 in the world.

A particular phrase *the title above* captured my attention was about Serena Williams. She's trained by Patrick Mouratoglou who have trained many superstar athlete's. Throughout the episode, there's one thing that I realised is they really work hard to perfect their skills and it's similar to playing a piano piece. You'll need to repeat, repeat and repeat until you've perfected the speed and rhythm. It's definitely not easy because nobody want's to practice for hours everyday when they can lounge and munch watching Netflix.

It's important to persevere and with time you'll get the result. I had a vision of studying in U.K, working in Singapore and I've achieved it! I'm lucky to be working under a very good mentor and super good boss. My vision stopped at this point and I became so comfortable with where I am today but what I realised after speaking to a mentor is where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

I was stuck as I thought I've had it all and I'm still learning in process but what is important is to have a vision and goal. Example, becoming an expert in business and what you want to achieve in this life. It hit me hard when I realised I've achieved my goals until to this extent and I din't extend my vision far enough in another few more years.

I am happy because I push myself harder than what I was before, otherwise I'll be stuck like a hamster running in a cage, climbing the corporate ladder and getting comfortable with life.

Have you ever thought of what you really want to achieve? Please share with me :)