Living with my Japanese boyfriend

It's been quite sometime I've lived with my boyfriend and I've learned so much about relationships. When we started our relationship, we din't dive much into our past relationships. The one thing I learned from this relationship is not to live in the past and he recently shared a book called "The courage to be disliked" by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga.

I realised I've been digging the past and brought it to the future which din't help me. I din't look forward to the future and always referenced back to the past which was a very bad habit. So what I've learned is not to self-pity, feel sorry of how I grew up and be positive instead and find ways to improve myself in the future. I was trapped because nobody has shared with me that going back to the past was not helping at all unless if I get to time travel.

I always thought Japanese people have the hardest life and throughout living with him, I realised how he works. He completes his tasks responsibly and puts a lot of effort to improve himself by reading a book, learning new skills, doing yoga and starting his Youtube channel which gained 1K subscribers in 2 months. He is always pushing me to be a better person, reminded me to be positive and encouraged me even if I think my ideas are silly.

He never complain about his work when he gets back home at night and he wakes up early to work. I sometimes see similarities between Singaporeans and Japanese people, they're hardworking people and I really love the vibe. The reason why I started writing in my blog is because I've always wanted to do and he was really supportive of my idea. Sometimes we have family or friends who might discourage us and I highly believe that we might have been always following the path which society wants us to be in.

I'm not saying that you have to change the way you are but to expose yourself to more opportunities and not be afraid of it. If you want to start a business, start a new business, do yoga, rock climbing, by all means do it because when will you ever going to do if you are never ever ready? :)

What I've also learned is to throw bad habits and be more discipline. Sometimes when I'm just sitting on the couch doing nothing is okay but I felt that I'm not helping myself by just sleeping or sitting doing nothing.

He has also made me developed better cooking skills, exercising, housekeeping and etc. Don't get me wrong , we're not a perfect couple, we do argue sometimes but it's how we learned to tolerate each other and accept our imperfections.

Some pictures of us in Yukata in Japan :)

Random picture in train station

Nice to e-meet you! :)