2 weeks before leaving Malaysia

Upon receiving the offer letter, I knew things were moving fast.

Deciding two options, to accept the promotion and stay in the corporate world

or to live your dreams. Which will you choose? It was a tough decision.

I din't share much to my parents because I knew it will impact my decision.

Growing up in a typical asian family, there was a mentality to stay in school,

study hard, get good grades, graduate from a good school and get a financially

stable job. In Malaysia, among my peers, the highlighted careers where everyone

was heading to was being an accountant, a lawyer, an architect, and etc.

I wasn't a good fit to either of the careers mentioned and felt the need to fit in that

category. My mum was working in a bank for 15 years and got me thinking that

it was the path I was supposed to be following too.

In the end, I din't take up the promotion, left my previous company with heavy hearted

and decided to live my dreams. I decided it was now or never before I turn 30 and I did it.

2 weeks before, I broke the news to my mum while she was reading newspaper.

I din't expect much and to my surprise, my mum was supportive but there was a perception

of taking a job which doesn't require a degree and referred to as high paid waitress job.

Telling my dad was even worst, he din't support me being an air hostess and told me

that I will regret my decision. So I decided to filter everyone's opinion and live the way I want to live.

I had farewell parties, met up with old friends and packed my bags to say goodbye.

Nice to e-meet you! :)