Flying- Different countries and passengers profile

Have you ever wondered what is it like dealing with different profile of pax?

This post is not meant to offend anyone and it's a general post of my observation through my flying years.


Shanghai & Beijing- Modern chinese, loves hot jasmine tea, hot water, chinese selection (pork) with rice

Canton- A bit rough, cup noodles, hot water, hot jasmine tea and chinese selection (pork)

can be very demanding.

Hong Kong

The most tiring turn around flight as passengers can sometimes be impatient and loves hot tea/water.

South Korea

Loves Korean selection and beer.


Loves Japanese selection, green tea and beer, generally very polite and don't ask much.


Loves liquor (whiskey) and if run out of selection they'll choose wine and alcohol is a must. A lot of them are vegetarian, love swapping seats like merry go round when we serve special meals, they'll go missing from row 60 to row 30. Their bag is heavier than 7kg and have to be very careful.


Can be demanding, demand for playing cards and etc


Short turn, chop chop kali pop


Must have halal selection as they can't eat pork and meat that's cooked in a non-halal way.


Loves liquor and western selection. Gin+Tonic, wines and more alcohols, whiskey, etc until we've run out of alcohols.


Generally nice and loves their cup of tea and crisps. Alcohol like Gin+Tonic too.


Loves Gin+Tonic, wines and a very demanding flight.

Seattle, U.S

Coffee, coffee and more coffee (the origin of 1st Starbucks is from there!)

Nice to e-meet you! :)