Training- Facing reality

This time living alone without my mum pampering me at home was the reality. It was time to grow up and be independent.

Even though I studied abroad for a year, living in Singapore is different. Everything moved so fast and people here are very hardworking. I had tough time catching up and struggled to pass the tests week after week. Not to mentioned, having a very strict instructor who no longer teach in the training centre. Generally other instructors are strict but i've never encounter this teaching style before. I felt that I was entering into an army, clock in at 8.15am and clock out at 6pm and sometimes it can extend to 11pm due to presentations due the next day.

The struggle was real, I felt stressed and so much pressure while I was in training. Having this particular trainer to say, "Nobody put a gun in your head to join" and I found out later that he was the Top 10. There were a lot of Top 10 in this industry, but he was placed as No.1 to be the Top 10. What it means, he has very high expectations, expect you to know everything before he teaches and he is well known in the company for putting a lot of fear to people.

However, if you can survive in his class, you can survive flying for the next 50 years or eternity.

I'll share more about these stories in the next few posts.

There was also so much to do in a day. In the morning, we had to ensure we studied before class, ensure classrooms were clean, tick attendance, be in class at least 15 minutes before, prepare for tests and to ensure our grooming was spot on.

I took at least 1 hour to prepare make up, paint my nails and hair do. I can't imagine how many bottle of hair sprays i've used, although I think we all can be in the movie hairspray, considering how much sprays we used.

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