Drama in the sky

Being a passenger on flight, you'll never find behind the scenes that's happening

behind the curtain. Let me share some stories with you.

When we fly around the world, we won't know who we'll be working with every flight,

so i'll never expect to develop much friendship on flight because i've worked with almost

100 different people a month or may be more. It's rare to fly with the same colleague and

when you managed to, you'll only remember faces and not names.

So out of every 10 flights, there will be unfavourable/bad flights. The trick is not to take it

personally and for work purpose only, but on some flights, some people just can't work along. I've worked with some interesting characters, the kind hearted, hard-working, passionate, lazy, bossy, high temper, impatience, you name it. All kinds of characters, some who appeared friendly before flight turns out to be a different person during the flight. It's too early to judge a person until the end of flight or the returning sector back to Singapore but you'll switch work position again and when you finally get comfortable, you're forced to

work with an entirely new set again.

If you ask me, the job suits for people who can adapt fast, work smart (EQ), good at communication and confident. I remember some stewardess told me, in order to survive and

be treated better, you'll have to make yourself look pretty. I've always struggled with my grooming, getting lipstick on my teeth, painting uneven nails and imperfection make up.

Working in this airline is not just about good looks, it's just a factor but it actually plays a big

part as some crazy ones favour the prettier ones . My first few months flying, i've been 'zapped' it's what they call it in the culture.

What does zapping means? It's not the anti-bacterial wipes that you find in the supermarket.

It's a culture of bullying and picking.

My second flight to Perth back to Singapore was my first taste of zapping, while walking through the cabin answering to passengers request and call lights along the way back to the galley, I din't realised the other stewardess was standing closely behind me and when we

reached to the galley, she debrief me and said I was slow and she was irritated. It was just my second flight but it felt like it took so long to reach back to Singapore at that point of time.

Without having anyone to consult, even towards my supervisor who sometimes might favour the seniors, I decided to just suck it up. It felt that she gang up on telling other senior stewardess about me and at the end of my flight, I was lucky I had a good higher supervisor

who had been really nice to me and patient. When we left the aircraft, I rolled my bag out and he told me,"next time don't be so slow". I broke down. I thought it was my fault being slow and went home feeling down about it.

Apparently, that was considered as normal. Thereafter, throughout my probation flying, i've

worked with people who like to pick on probation crew because we were new in the job.

Some supervisors will scream because you're not confident, test you on SEP, grooming,

service and etc. I can understand if we deserve the feedbacks for being slow but some are just unreasonable and would love to find someone to throw a fit. It's just how it is during flight.

After working with so many colleagues, I realised the ones we have to be really careful are some of the senior crews who can appear to be bossy and like to show their seniority by

asking you to do their job. Most of the seniors who have worked for 6-7 years are usually

very nice but I encountered some seniors who have worked for 3-4 years that are zappy.

It depends on who you meet on flight and some seniors wouldn't want to help to other

colleagues just because they say it's not their zone. I've always followed instructions of my

supervisors and some seniors can just give instructions on their own. So you can imagine, some flights are just .. :)

I've always tried to avoid drama because I have enough dramas in life. The airline industry

definitely gave me an exposure of different type of customers, colleagues and culture.

It teaches me to communicate differently according to different type of person.