Chasing after your dreams

It all started when I had the opportunity to study in the U.K for 1 year, it was my lifelong

dream to get an international exposure. I was given a choice to take the opportunity to study there for my final year or masters. I'm thankful to my uncle, my dad's brother who sponsored me for a year in condition I had to sign my first contract/agreement stating that i'll be 100% sponsored if I get a second upper of first class honours degree. Otherwise, I'll be paying him back on a monthly basis when I start working.

The journey to study abroad was exciting and I was grateful to have the opportunity even just for a year. I've had the exposure of being independent and freedom and most of the people here have been given the freedom since 18 years old after graduation but it's different from asian parents as we will most probably move out of the house once we're married in late 20's.

Once I've graduated and had the opportunity to travel so some countries, I had to move back to Malaysia. I followed the normal life where everyone applied for a job after getting a university degree and applied a few jobs. One day, my mum start knocking on my door and said, "Ah girl ah, there's an opening for this company and it's financially stable, maybe you should try applying for it". So I did and I got it. I worked hard and was motivated to climb the corporate ladder just like everyone else because it was the path to success. I had the opportunity to work with great bosses and until today they're one of the best mentors I look up to. I was given the opportunity to fly on a work trip to Japan and work with Japanese people as we're the joint venture company.

It was an enjoyable work trip experience which I'm thankful for.

The sky view trip to Japan :)

One of the showroom visit we had in Japan

After work celebration is the best!

Then it's back to reality after spending 3-4 days in Japan. I suddenly realised that I din't want to be trapped in the society's normal lifestyle after having exposed overseas again, I wanted to experience working overseas such as Singapore or U.K if I had the chance. After working for almost 2.5 years in my first company, I decided to take a leap of faith. I had a friend/ex-colleague who once told me "Lynn, you're still young, why don't you consider being a flight attendant, just trylah." I wasn't convinced because I've worked hard to be where I was at the company and I was already comfortable.

But secretly, I wanted to try, so I did. That was back to my first post in my blog :).

I knew working abroad in Singapore will give me a better chance of growing steeply in my career and it did. It din't only give me the opportunity to fly all over the world and experience things I never thought I could, I looked at the world differently now. If I were to stay in my previous company, it's good but I will always look at it as what my parents want me to do. I always tell my parent's that I'm not living their dreams or following the path they want me to just because it's safe and I can't agree more, parents are always right because they've been through so much over the years.

However, your happiness doesn't depend on anyone else and I decided to live life with no regrets because I want to live according to how I want my life to be. I din't want to live under my mum's protection and dad's wise advise because society expects us to listen and follow. I'm not saying you shouldn't listen to your parents but take it with a pinch of salt, just like a recommendation or feedback.

What do you think? Share with me your stories if you have similar things that happened to your life :)

First time parasailing the the clouds in Sabah, what colour is your parachute?

Nice to e-meet you! :)