Bracing through failure

Following my previous post, I mentioned about failing my role play.

The examiner who failed me was the kindest person i've met as a trainer.

I had a chance to practice with him before my re-sit exam for the role play

and this time it will not be the same examiners. I was confident with the role

play practice I had before that, i'll pass the exam and when I went it for the second

time, I failed again.

At that point, i've been failing throughout the test and role play, I received my final warning.

After failing the exam, I was told to continue with my training first and so I went. We were trained to walk and carry ourselves in the outfit. Carrying luggage, walking up and down the stairs, carrying a tray full of water and have the confidence to offer to passengers as part of the training.

Then a sudden guest appear, it was my class trainer. She called my name and among all batch mates, I knew this was it. I knew I had the final warning letter and if I were to fail again, it means I am not fit to become a cabin crew.

With this warning letter which I still keep it as my memory, brings me back to the time where I was having a really hard time. I felt helpless and blamed myself for not being as good as my batch mates. I worked very hard and tried my very best but still wasn't good enough.

I never knew this training was very hard, but definitely hard with high expectations, passing rate of 80% above and that is considered as average. The best mark will be 95% and above. You'll push yourself to your limit and give your very best shot.

I think I cried one litre of tears.

Nice to e-meet you! :)